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The Farm

Arctic Tack Stud

Consisting of 300 acres of prime grassland, the stud is divided into a number of large paddocks in which young stock may exercise freely and safely, plus several smaller paddocks in which horses with specific individual needs may be kept. Each paddock is grazed by horses for a maximum of three weeks before being turned over to cattle and then topped. This keeps paddocks fresh and minimises the worm burden. The soil base in this part of Wexford has long been established as ideal for the promotion of healthy growth and bone in young Thoroughbreds.

Horses raised here get the best possible start to life. All paddocks have the benefit of post and rail fencing, which is supplemented by an inner line of electric fencing, thus minimising the possibility of accidents. As we live on the farm we look at all stock at least three times a day.

We have over 50 stables for individual horses, of traditional wood construction and with self-watering systems installed. Stables are large and airy, with good light and ventilation; and most are located in a barn.

The result of this regime of excellent food, good housing and constant exercise in large, secure paddocks of excellent grassland is to produce horses that are strong, well-grown, athletic individuals that are well prepared for the next stage of their careers.

We own our own farm and we do the work ourselves, with the help of a small team of dedicated helpers. This means that we can provide a ‘hands on’ service and the best care without some of the overheads of large public studs funded by bank borrowings and run by a complex management team.

We do:

  • Walk-in Covers
  • Standard Livery service
  • Full veterinary service
  • Mare collection and return after covering
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